Mrs Lovell's Greengrocer

28 Highbury Barn, London, N5 2AA

(020) 7354 5325

About Mrs Lovell's


Boasting local chefs Nigel Slater and Anna Colquhoun among their regular customers, Mrs Lovell's Greengrocer is a family-run shop selling outstanding quality fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. Almost everything they sell is sourced from small farms across the South of England which owner Michelle and her daughters, Sarah and Katie, visit regularly. They also make daily trips to buy from Covent Garden Market, sampling and choosing produce in person to ensure they get the freshest and tastiest fruit and veg on offer.

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Frequently ordered:

  • I chicory Pound of cherries Pound of white grapes Lemon drizzle cake
  • it would be great to be able to buy fresh tomatillos and poblano peppers to go with the jalapenos you stock - i have got the mexican food bug - but seem to be impossible to track down in London
  • Hello, are you able to get hold of some golden beetroot as well as red beetroot? I want to do a salt baked beetroot salad so a mix of betroot colours would be ideal. To serve 3 people, so a total of about 500-600g betroot would be great. Thanks

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