La Fromagerie

30 Highbury Park, London, N5 2AA

(020) 7359 7440

From humble beginings, La Fromagerie is now recognised as one of the best cheese shops in England. Our cheese room is cooled and humidified, with cheeses sitting on straw mats on old wooden shelves. In our basement maturing rooms, the alchemy of the brine and wine washings, oil rubs and brisk brushing and turning is a finely tuned skill that turns the cheeses into the magnificent tasting sensations for which we have become renowned.

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Frequently ordered:

  • A bag of your peppermint tea, if possible
  • Hello I'd like a cheeseboard for two cheese lovers that will be suitable for a pregnant lady ie all pasteurised and no soft cheeses. Up to £30. Thank you
  • Truffled brie - 300g if available.

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