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Based in Stoke Newington, Hansen & Lydersen use an old-style smoking kiln and produce their salmon according to the long-standing smoking traditions that have made their family's success in Kirkenes, Northern Norway.

Every salmon is prepared less than 48 hours after it has been fished. After being carefully hand-filleted and cured with rock salt, every fish is traditionally hung and slowly cold-smoked at the smokehouse in Stoke Newington. Hansen & Lydersen smoke their salmon over a light beechwood fire to enhance the natural sweetness of the fish, adding juniper for a sharp hint of forest aroma. The family's signature wood mix gives their salmon its deliciously inimitable, very Scandinavian subtle taste.

Hansen & Lydersen always smoke their salmon to order, hence providing an exceptionally fresh "straight-out-of-the-kiln" product. Never frozen, never vacuum-packed, and never wrapped in plastic, their smoked salmon is intensely delicious, strong-coloured and smooth textured: a must-try if you haven't already!

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