E5 Bakehouse

Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace, London, E8 3PH

(020) 8525 2890

About E5 Bakehouse


Located in a spruced up railway arch in East London, the E5 Bakehouse is a truly organic bakery and makes truly exceptional bread. Founded by conservationist, Ben MacKinnon, we use sourdough to yeast our breads - a symbiotic relationship between wild yeasts and lacto-bactilli (the same type of bacteria that live in the gut). Over time, the proteins are broken down, making this bread much easier to digest. It's also tastier, and lasts much longer than supermarket pap.

Ben uses a 200 year old rye sourdough culture which began life in Lapland, travelling via Sweden, and passed through three generations before being handed on to him. But they're not just a piece of history, they're actually better for us.

All of our bread is made with locally milled organic flour, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and contains no additives or preservatives.

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